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AutoForm Acquires Logopress

AutoForm has acquired Logopress. By sharing and combining mutual and complementary know-how, both Logopress and AutoForm customers can benefit further from improved service in the tool & die industry.

While AutoForm has served the tool & die industry with its leading FEA software for over 25 years, Logopress has served the tool & die industry with its very popular die design software for nearly 30 years. The merger of these two companies was not only natural from a technical standpoint, as the two product lines are extremely complementary, but also from the standpoint of team philosophy: both companies rank stability and reliability as top priorities. Additionally, it is a major benefit that both development teams are located in close geographical proximity.

Yves Thizy, General Manager of Logopress, stated: “At Logopress, we have been observing AutoForm products with high regard for many years now. In the past, we have also often met prospects and long-standing customers who would have considered the combination of Logopress3 and AutoForm software as the perfect solution for their needs in simulation and tool design. Today, with the full integration of Logopress into the AutoForm Group, this hope of partnership is now a reality and goes beyond the expectations. After a few days since the merger, I am already excited to see our teams analyzing the potential synergies. I am convinced that our common passion will help to speed up our development and will lead to an array of exceptional products.”

Dr. Markus Thomma, Corporate Marketing Director at AutoForm, added: “I am very pleased that AutoForm has acquired Logopress. With the integration of Logopress into AutoForm, we can enlarge our product portfolio. Through sharing and combining our mutual and complementary know-how, we can better serve our customers in the tool & die industry.”


Corporate Marketing Officer

AutoForm Engineering GmbH

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland