CO2 Calculator

By entering just a few input parameters, our CO2 calculator enables you to calculate how much CO2 savings can be achieved for the vehicles you produce. The numbers of produced ICE, plug-in hybrid and/or electro vehicles as well as key design and production parameters are taken into account.

Once the required parameters are entered, CO2 calculator provides you with an instant overview on CO2 savings in material production, car manufacturing and car usage. The final sum represents the total CO2 savings in tons, achieved with the help of AutoForm software.

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Material Production
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CO2 savings in material production
Car Manufacturing
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CO2 savings in car manufacturing
Car Utilization
Current BiW weight of ICE vehicles kg kg
Current BiW weight of plug-in-hybrid vehicles kg kg
Current BiW weight of electro vehicles kg kg
CO2 savings during car usage
Total CO2 savings in tons, achieved with the help of AutoForm software

If you would like to get more insights into the potential savings you can achieve by using our software, please contact us. Our experts will support you every step of the way in reaching your zero emissions goals. With AutoForm, you will remain competitive today and in the future!