AutoForm-Compensator allows you to automatically modify tooling surfaces based on precise springback calculation or measured springback data. With this software, you can easily define compensation regions, which are automatically adjusted using springback results. The compensated geometry can then be used for rapid and accurate tooling validation.

Die faces are compensated in the opposite direction of springback. This software enables you to modify either the entire tooling surface or only selected regions. Since different regions can be defined within the tool, you can systematically control compensation.

Once the tooling geometry is compensated, it is automatically used as input for the next simulation. Final part geometry within the required tolerances is achieved with a minimum of correction loops.


  • Reliability of planning and process engineering
  • Reduction of correction loops
  • No risk of later changes due to springback

Key Features

  • User-defined compensation regions
  • Support for both free and clamped springback
  • Automatic adjustment of tool geometry


[PDF – 585 KB]

Customer Use Case