AutoForm-DieAdviser allows you to determine the optimal tool layout and the most efficient wear protection concept based on AutoForm-FormingSolver simulation results. With this software, you can define the durability of tool materials, hardening and tool coating, taking into account the production quantity and press stroke rate.

By using AutoForm-Die Adviser, you can gain new insights into both improving tool layout early in the product development process and providing longer lasting and lower cost tooling. In particular, if you work in the fields of tool design and stamping, AutoForm-DieAdviser enables you to meet today’s challenging requirements such as those posed by the introduction of new materials like ultra-high-strength steels as well as the demand for higher press stroke rates and lower lubricant consumption.


  • Definition of the optimal tool layout (potentially segmented tools)
  • Cost-effective wear protection concept based on production volumes
  • Lower lubricant consumption
  • Better performance and durability of the tool

Key Features

  • Identification of areas with intensive tool wear
  • Differentiation of sheet materials and part types
  • Wear protection concepts that combine the appropriate tool material, hardening and tool coating


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