AutoForm-HemPlanner enables you to easily define and optimize the hemming operation as well as create the required tool geometries for the simulation. With AutoForm-HemPlanner, you can efficiently design table and roll hemming processes. Depending on the product development process phase, the software supports two use cases, namely quick and advanced hemming.

With this software, you can use quick hemming in the early stages of product development and production planning, when the die layout of the drawing and forming operations is still not available. Alternatively, you can use advanced hemming in process engineering, when the detailed definition of the drawing and forming operations is available.


  • Definition of hemming processes to meet quality and cost requirements
  • Early feasibility and final validation studies
  • Identification of typical hemming defects
  • Prediction of full assembly springback after hemming

Key Features

  • Support of roll and table top hemming
  • Early evaluation of various hemming concepts – use case quick hemming
  • Final validation of the hemming concept – use case advanced hemming
  • Definition of tool geometry and tool kinematics


[PDF – 1.43 MB]