Car Manufacturing

AutoForm’s software enables your company to minimize the scrap rate of stampings and BiW components and thus reduce CO2 emissions. A 1% reduction in scrap rate leads to a reduction of 24.6 kg in CO2 emissions for each vehicle produced.

Rejected material or scrap is an important issue in car manufacturing. This is material which remains unused during the production process and has to be disposed. It can be a raw material which remains unused during production or a final part which does not meet specifications. Scrap rate is important to manufacturers as it helps them measure production efficiency. The amount of unused material corresponds to excessive CO2 emissions and poses a great challenge to car manufacturers.

With AutoForm software, your company can carry out part production with a lower reject rate and thereby reduce the level of CO2 emissions. The software allows you to develop the best product and tool designs for a robust stamping process. Potential stamping problems can be resolved earlier in the car production cycle, saving time and resources, minimizing the scrap rate and thus reducing CO2 emissions. By implementing our software, you can achieve efficient BiW production which meets the defined CO2 emission reduction goals.

By entering just a few input parameters, our CO2 calculator enables you to calculate how much CO2 savings can be achieved by reducing your scrap rate further. Calculate your CO2 savings in car manufacturing.