AutoForm-AssemblySolver allows you to simulate BiW assembly processes guided by AutoForm’s intuitive user interface. An evaluation of the results obtained can be carried out using AutoForm-Explorer. The extent to which these results mirror reality depends on a variety of defined simulation parameters as well as on how closely the tool designs and process inputs for the simulation match with those in the real manufacturing process.

AutoForm-AssemblySolver optimally supports the engineering process during all its phases. You can use our software to quickly obtain simulation results both during an early development phase and during a final validation analysis. The software provides results not only at the end of each operation but also at any incremental step within a single operation. This enables you to gain far greater insight into the manufacturing process in a much shorter time than you can during the actual production.


  • Quick evaluation of alternative process designs
  • Deep insight into car body manufacturing process
  • Dimensional fit of BiW assemblies
  • Efficient support of BiW engineering and manufacturing process
  • Reduced lead time, lower costs and higher product quality

Key Features

  • Support of joining technologies such as hemming, spot and line welding as well as gluing
  • Consideration of gravity, part insertion as well as joining and measurement fixtures
  • Representation of entire assembly process in one single simulation
  • Fast and accurate state-of-the-art solver technology
  • Option for parallel processing


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