Logopress provides software that is tailored to the needs of progressive die makers and includes die design software as well as flattening and blank prediction software for the tool & die industry (Logopress® DieDesign PREMIUM, Logopress® DieDesign, Logopress® StripLayout and Logopress® Flatten). Each of these products includes a range of functionalities which cover the entire spectrum of operations characteristic of progressive die technology. Logopress® DieDesign and Logopress® DieDesign PREMIUM even include DIE DEBUGGER™, which enables you to carry out motion simulation and dynamic interface detection. You can detect possible mistakes already during the design stage and avoid expensive die modifications later on. With this powerful set of options available in each product, you can carry out the task at hand in a smooth and efficient manner.

In addition, Logopress offers a newly developed software Logopress® ProgSim (an optional add-on). The software allows accurate forming simulation of progressive dies based on the incremental simulation technology powered by the industry proven AutoForm solver. It is customized for small to medium-sized progressive die companies that want to attain highly accurate results in stamping simulation but cannot justify the cost of an incremental simulation software that does not have a size limitation on the parts that it can simulate. Logopress ProgSim provides extremely accurate forming results – much earlier and cheaper than only using the tryout press.


  • Tailored to the needs of progressive die makers
  • Includes die design, flattening, blank shape and nesting prediction
  • Suitable for modeling of complex-shaped intermediate stages
  • NEW: Logopress ProgSim allows users to simulate, modify, and validate strip layouts on their computer screen to prevent costly time in the tryout press and subsequent rework costs

For more information, please visit the Logopress website.