AutoForm-ToolDeflect allows for the efficient analysis and compensation of elastic tool deflection. With AutoForm-ToolDeflect, you can carry out the over-crowning process effectively and thereby significantly reduce the number of tryout loops.

AutoForm-ToolDeflect can be applied in the early process design phase when the final tool geometry is not yet available in CAD. You can quickly create initial tool design concepts based on part geometry only. By analyzing various alternative concept designs, you can select the most effective design for your tool.

The software can also be applied in the final validation phase by using already existing final tool geometry data in CAD. When the tool deflection has been calculated, you can carry out an over-crowning. The results you obtain from over-crowning can then be used for milling preparation.


  • Efficient compensation of elastic tool deflection (over-crowning)
  • Effective application in the early process design phase as well as in the final validation phase
  • Reduced number of tryout loops, rejects and press downtime in production

Key Features

  • Analysis and evaluation of elastic tool deflection effects
  • Tool substructure generator for creation of 3D solid tool concepts
  • Press elasticity model generator to represent individual press conditions


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