The creation and compensation of high-quality CAD surfaces for manufacturing has typically been carried out using external CAD software. Such software requires the user’s familiarity with its application, multiple importing and exporting of data from and to CAE software as well as the creation and potential integration of additional external documentation.

AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus provides a set of geometry creation features within the AutoForm user interface that are tailored to the need of engineers responsible for final CAD-quality surfaces. The software is best applied during the process design phase to facilitate the creation of high-quality CAD surfaces. Such surfaces are required for the final validation simulations and compensation of die surfaces, which will be exported afterwards for use in die manufacturing. With AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus, you can achieve a new level of efficiency in the process design phase.


  • Creation and compensation of high-quality CAD surfaces for manufacturing
  • Efficient use of existing process plan information during process design
  • Easy to use CAD surface creation within the AutoForm environment

Key Features

  • Creation of parametrized die face geometries for stamping operations
  • CAD-quality compensation of die surfaces
  • Guided surface creation workflow for stamping process design
  • Flexible modeling of any desired shape as a result of no predefined styles or profiles
  • Automatic development of flanges onto process surfaces


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