Creation of high quality surfaces for final design has always been achieved by using an external CAD software which requires a specific software knowledge, multiple export and import of data, and additional external documentation of process plan information. These procedures limit your ability to make any major improvement in the efficiency of your stamping and tool engineering process.

AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus provides a set of new geometry creation features within the AutoForm interface. With AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus, you can quickly create a final die face geometry without requiring any specific CAD system. The design process with this new capability enables a high level of efficiency through the usage of one single file.

AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus is best used within the process design phase to facilitate the creation of CAD-quality surfaces. These are required for the final validation simulations and for the manufacturing of the physical tools. The design process with this software enables a high level of efficiency by using already existing process information.

AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus allows for additional future benefits as more companies adopt initiatives towards Industry 4.0 and the Digital Process Twin. Integrated and dedicated stamping process design features and ease of use, allow users to realize new levels of efficiency, while continuing to focus on accurate simulation modeling.


  • Creation of high quality CAD surfaces for final validation and manufacturing
  • Efficient use of existing process plan information during design
  • Easy to use CAD surface creation without the need of any additional CAD software

Key Features

  • Creation of parametrized die face geometries for draw, trim, and form operations
  • Guided surface creation workflow for stamping process design
  • Flexible modeling of any desired shape as a result of no predefined styles or profiles
  • Automatic development of flanges onto process surfaces
  • Single file format for completed designs


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