Software Solutions for Sheet Metal Forming and BiW Assembly

AutoForm’s software solutions form a comprehensive platform for the engineering, evaluation and improvement of the sheet metal forming and BiW assembly processes. This platform allows for full digitalization, seamless information and data flow, and integration of Industry 4.0 standards.



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AutoForm Customers

Over 1000 Manufacturers and Suppliers use AutoForm Software


What do our customers say about AutoForm?

Without AutoForm, almost everything that we do in the field of sheet metal forming today would not be possible.

Philipp Nüschen
Manager Engineering at HERU Werkzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

By using AutoForm software, we are faster and more accurate than ever before. At the same time, we are able to save time and cost, which is of great value for us as well as for our customers.

Eduardo Oliveira
CEO at EPALFER, Portugal

The most powerful thing about AutoForm software is that it takes away much of the pain of the classical finite elements and lets you work with the creative stuff to think how to manufacture the part and determine the process. This is quite important.

Kristoffer Trana
Technical Expert, Stamping Feasibility at Volvo Car Group, Sweden

Truth be told, thanks to AutoForm, we expanded the variety of parts we produce today, and thus extended our market. ... We now produce parts that we could never have produced without AutoForm simulation in short amounts of time.

Elio Falco
CEO at FARA Stampi S.r.l., Italy

We are really happy with AutoForm software – we use its DieDesigner, Trim and Sigma modules. We are also looking at using its hemming software in the future.

Steve Hackett
Engineering/Technical Consultant at Whiston Engineering, UK

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