AutoForm-TubeBend is specially designed for the needs of tube bending companies and supports their standard processes, such as CNC rotary draw bending, press bending, and tube end forming. With AutoForm-TubeBend, you can successfully tackle all of the typical challenges you face during the tube bending and forming processes.

AutoForm-TubeBend allows for the rapid design and simulation of tube bending, forming, and tube end forming processes. The software allows you to carry out comprehensive virtual tryout analyses, including bending, preforming, calibration, cutting, and tube end forming. In addition, with AutoForm-TubeBend you can simulate the springback which may arise in the actual production process. Through the automatic springback compensation features, the necessary adjustments can be made to the tool geometry, bending line, and process parameters. Once the simulation results have been generated, you can initiate seamless data exchange to CAD software as well as tube bending or forming machines to carry out efficient production of tubular parts.


  • Rapid design and simulation of tubular parts
  • Verification of multiple alternative concepts for quality and cost improvements
  • In-depth understanding of tube bending, forming, and tube end forming processes
  • Shorter development time and reduced tooling, material, and production costs
  • Rapid springback compensation of tool geometries and bending lines

Key Features

  • Quick generation of all necessary tool geometries without CAD knowledge and seamless process simulation
  • Reliable identification of forming issues, such as splits, wrinkles, and other possible issues
  • Springback simulation and automatic tool and bending line modification for springback compensation
  • Seamless data exchange to CAD software as well as tube bending or forming machines
  • Implementation of company standards and automatic report generation


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