AutoForm-CostEstimator is designed for OEMs and tooling suppliers to estimate tooling costs early on in the planning and bidding phases. With this software, each part detail which has an impact on tooling costs is automatically associated to a production step. With just a few mouse clicks, AutoForm-CostEstimator calculates tooling costs based on the defined production sequence. As a result, this software enables you to systematically evaluate alternative production concepts and rapidly identify the most cost-effective one.

The automatic detection of part geometry features and the costing engine embedded in AutoForm-CostEstimator provide you with the ideal replacement for conventional Excel-based worksheets and tedious, manual calculations. With AutoForm-CostEstimator, you can produce tooling cost estimates much more consistently, reliably and rapidly, based on CAD part data and the stamping process.


  • Measurement of cost impact of alternate stamping processes on tooling costs
  • Estimation of tooling costs based on CAD part data and stamping process
  • Generation of reliable cost estimates in minutes

Key Features

  • Full graphic-based 3D approach using CAD part geometry
  • Automatic detection of part geometry features
  • Intelligent costing engine for stamping operations


[PDF – 534 KB]