Software Certificates

For many companies, Software License Management and the legal use of software is becoming an important topic, e.g. as part of their corporate governance, IT policies or ISO certification. In addition, companies want to ensure that their suppliers are also compliant with the current regulations, that they do not infringe on any intellectual property and that they use legal and authorized software only.

To address the growing international awareness and the need for Software License Management, AutoForm Engineering offers its customers the possibility to obtain a Software Certificate that documents the legal use of AutoForm software. With this certificate, you can reassure your customers that the software in use is legal and authorized.


Apply for AutoForm Software Certificate

As an AutoForm customer, you can apply and get an AutoForm Software Certificate by filling in the form below. The submitted form will be sent directly to the respective AutoForm subsidiary and you will receive the signed certificate by regular mail within one week.

AutoForm Software Certificate Form

Check Validity of AutoForm Software Certificate

In order to check the validity of the software certificate of your supplier, please contact the respective AutoForm subsidiary directly.