With the increasing use of modern materials, such as high strength steels and aluminum, applying the most effective compensation strategy brings tangible benefits to users. AutoForm-AutoComp enables you to quickly evaluate and compare different compensation strategies and then select the one that is best suited to your needs.

With AutoForm-AutoComp, compensation loops are automatically carried out in the background. You can select the number of iterations, check their status and immediately visualize them on the screen. As a result, the final tool geometry and process setup can be defined efficiently ensuring part geometry within the required tolerances and with a minimum number of correction loops in physical tryout. This procedure results in improved planning reliability in die development, tool shop and tryout as well as minimized risk of later, costly changes to tooling or processes.


  • Easy evaluation and comparison of different compensation strategies
  • Adoption of the most effective compensation strategy
  • Minimized risk of later costly changes to tooling or process

Key Features

  • Compensation loops carried out in the background
  • Automatic control of the tool surface consistency
  • Visualization of different strategies all at once on the screen


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