TriboForm Plug-In

The TriboForm software allows you to quickly simulate the effects of tool coatings, lubricants, material surface characteristics or new sheet materials on friction and ultimately on product quality. Through a more realistic consideration of tribological effects, a new level of simulation accuracy can be achieved. TriboForm’s products complement AutoForm’s product portfolio.

TriboForm Plug-In enables the direct integration of TriboForm results into AutoForm simulations. This allows you to account for realistic friction conditions during the forming simulation and evaluate its effect on product quality.

TriboForm Plug-In in combination with AutoForm-Thermo Plug-In enables you to accurately account for temperature effects on the tribological conditions. This allows a more accurate description of friction conditions, increasing the accuracy of the forming simulation.


  • Accurate representation of complex tribological phenomena
  • Simulation, visualization and evaluation of friction and lubrication conditions
  • Improved simulation accuracy in forming simulations
  • Savings on expensive tool modifications during tryout or production
  • Easy integration in AutoForm