Whether you are a feasibility or process engineer, process planner or tool maker, AutoForm-DieDesigner enables you to rapidly create alternative die face designs for the complete sheet metal forming process. Once you have generated a die face design, the software uses it for the process simulations with AutoForm-FormingSolver. The results can be evaluated with AutoForm-Explorer. The full integration of die face design with simulation and results evaluation allows you to evaluate multiple, alternative process and tool concepts in a very short amount of time as well as select the best one with regard to feasibility, quality and cost.

AutoForm-DieDesigner has a clear and logical structure which enables you to work step-by-step, from the import of CAD part geometry to the complete die face design. This software gives you an in-depth understanding, allowing you to validate the process layout as well as sheet behavior during multiple operations.

AutoForm-DieDesigner is based on a fully associatively linked model of the entire die layout, which allows you to easily modify the part geometry as well as intermediate operations. As soon as you have determined an optimal die face design, surfaces can be exported and processed further in any CAD system.


  • Generation of concept die faces
  • Evaluation of multiple, alternative process concepts due to direct coupling with process simulation
  • In-depth understanding and validation of the process layout

Key Features

  • Generation of parametrized die face geometries for all operations
  • Addendum creation based on specially adapted profiles
  • Automatic development of flanges on the addendum surface
  • Geometry modeling through morphing technology


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