Line/Transfer Die Stamping

Line/Transfer die stamping technology is applied to produce parts that are free from splits or wrinkles and have the required dimensional accuracy and surface quality. At the same time, using this technology tight production deadlines can be met and the overall lead time and costs reduced. The decision to produce a part in progressive die or transfer die is dependent on its size, complexity and production volume.

AutoForm software enables you to rapidly and accurately simulate the entire stamping process, including drawing and secondary operations as well as springback. As a result, you can gain deep insights into the stamping process and get all the information needed to design the process. Through the rapid evaluation of multiple alternative concepts, you can select the one, which will allow you to produce parts that meet your specific quality and cost goals. With AutoForm software, you can easily identify and solve typical stamping issues which occur during forming, such as wrinkles, splits, springback and excessive thinning/thickening.

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