Systematic Process Improvement

The sheet metal forming process is becoming more and more complex due to the ever increasing number of different car models, the geometric complexity of stamped parts as well as the widespread applications of high-strength steels and aluminum. In light of increased global competition, car manufacturers aim to deliver high quality stamped parts using state-of-the-art technologies which allow for a lower lead time. To address these challenges, AutoForm has developed an innovative approach to the systematic improvement of the sheet metal forming process in the early engineering stage.

AutoForm’s Systematic Process Improvement brings you deeper insight and transparency to the forming process by identifying which design parameters influence part quality and to what extent. Multiple stamping simulations are carried out automatically. During these simulations, design parameters are varied while you maintain your focus on the quality targets set for the stamped part. In this way, you can identify design parameters which have the most influence on the stamped part already during the early engineering stage. You can then make the necessary adjustments to the design parameters and simultaneously follow the effects these changes have on the entire part by viewing them on your computer screen. This procedure results in the systematic improvement of the forming process.

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