Aluminum Stamping

Aluminum usage in the sheet metal stamping industry has increased over the last few years. Aluminum’s unique metallurgical properties, such as low weight, high strength-to-weight ratio, superior corrosion resistance as well as good thermal conductivity, make it highly suitable for multiple applications. With the automotive industry’s increasing cost reduction and environmental priorities, the production of lightweight cars has risen significantly. By substituting steel components with aluminum alloys, you can achieve a reduction in car weight without compromising on size. In addition, aluminum provides superior performance when used in heating applications since it can be tempered to different hardnesses to improve strength and stability. This material is also suitable for numerous applications in the electronic and packaging industries.

AutoForm’s software, with its material base covering all aluminum alloys, enables you to rapidly and accurately simulate the entire stamping process for your aluminum parts. This simulation includes drawing, all secondary operations and springback. In addition, you can simulate the stamping process at elevated temperatures. By using AutoForm’s software, you can design, engineer and produce aluminum parts of the highest quality.

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