Software for Simulation of Friction and Lubrication Conditions

In recent years, tribology has become increasingly important in the field of sheet metal forming. In this area, tribology is applied to take into account the effects of motion as well as the interaction between sheet material, lubricant and tool or coating material during the forming process. These tribological interactions influence the quality of the formed parts as well as the stability and efficiency of the production process.

The main challenge in developing software solutions in this field has been how to appropriately represent complex tribological phenomena through easy-to-use software. The most innovative software to deal with this issue is TriboForm’s software.

The TriboForm software allows the user to quickly simulate the effects of tool coatings, lubricants, material surface characteristics or new sheet materials on friction and ultimately on product quality. Through a more realistic consideration of tribological effects, a new level of simulation accuracy can be achieved. TriboForm’s products complement AutoForm’s product portfolio.

TriboForm Analyzer is a stand-alone software which enables users to efficiently simulate, visualize and evaluate friction and lubrication conditions. This product includes the TriboForm Library, which contains generic tribology data sets for the most commonly used sheet materials, tooling material and lubricants in the sheet metal forming industry. Users can directly export results for the TriboForm FEM Plug-In.

TriboForm FEM Plug-In enables the integration of TriboForm results into commercial FEM simulation software. With this plug-in, tribology is integrated in the most commonly used sheet metal forming simulation software, such as AutoForm, Pam-Stamp and LS-Dyna.

The main benefits of TriboForm software are:

  • Easy-to-use software which accurately represents complex tribological phenomena
  • Efficient simulation, visualization and evaluation of friction and lubrication conditions
  • Easy integration in commonly used metal forming simulation software
  • Improved accuracy in metal forming simulation
  • Savings on expensive tool modifications during tryout or production

For more information, please visit the TriboForm website.

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