AutoForm-Sigma allows you to analyze and improve the robustness of sheet metal products and processes. The software gives you deep insight and transparency into the forming process in the early engineering stage. It enables you to identify which design parameters influence part quality and to what extent. It also supports you in determining appropriate correction measures during tryout and production. In addition, it identifies the correction measures which have no effect at all and those which offer a real chance of resolving the particular problem at hand.

With this information, you can easily identify critical areas in the part, the measures that can be taken to resolve these issues as well as the effect these measures will have on other areas. By analyzing process performance and, in particular, process capability, you can validate the stamping process, minimize part rejects and maximize production efficiency. With AutoForm-Sigma, you can achieve your desired quality targets through the most efficient and stable manufacturing process.


  • Systematic process improvement
  • Stability and reliability of the forming process
  • Robust manufacturing process
  • Rejects of stamped parts reduced to minimum
  • Correction loops and related costs reduced to minimum

Key Features

  • Automatic variation of design parameters
  • Identification of most dominant design parameter
  • Determination of noise and variability of process parameters
  • Determination of process capability
  • Automatic multiple simulations


Customer Use Case

Making its Mark
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