Tool Cost Estimation

The automotive industry’s competitive prices make tool cost estimation one of the most important tasks at OEMs and tooling suppliers. Tool cost estimation in the planning and bidding phase enables a cost optimized manufacturing process. However, cost estimators are faced with many challenges including time pressure, increased reliability of cost estimates and objective tool cost estimates. They must also deal with consistent cost structures driven by identified product details as well as required manufacturing resources and their costs. What is more, they must quantify the cost impact of alternative stamping processes on tooling costs and make consistent and reliable cost estimates in minutes.

Our software enables you to calculate tooling costs based on the defined production sequence. With just a few mouse clicks, you can systematically evaluate alternative production concepts and then rapidly identify the most cost-effective one. The software’s speed and ease-of-use enables you to significantly reduce the time required for estimating tooling costs.

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Estimate Tooling Cost Early On in Planning & Bidding Phase


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