Progressive Die Stamping

Faced with high-volume production, complex part designs, tight tolerances and increasing cost reduction demands, manufacturers and suppliers rely on progressive die stamping technology. This technology enables you to increase productivity and reduce costs.

As a progressive die maker, you can use AutoForm’s software to simulate the forming process and solve issues that contribute to achieving the desired level of part quality in progressive die stamping. The software enables you to easily define a progressive die production process, quickly create and visualize the process plan and strip layout and easily validate the process using powerful simulation technologies. It also allows for cost estimations of the stamping tools.

In addition, Logopress provides software that is tailored to the needs of progressive die makers and includes 3D die design & construction software as well as flattening and blank prediction software for the tool & die industry. Logopress’ software includes a range of functionalities, which cover the entire spectrum of operations characteristic of progressive die technology. For more information, please visit the Logopress website.

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