Concept Die Faces

As automotive manufacturers and suppliers strive to reduce lead-time and tooling costs, they are all focused on reducing tooling development time which is a large share of the total product development cycle. To achieve this, there are many challenges that must be faced regarding die face design, alternative concepts and the selection of the best one.

Once the product design department finalizes the design of a new sheet metal part, it is released to the feasibility and tooling departments where an appropriate stamping die to produce the part is designed. Using the traditional approach in a conventional CAD system, the design of die faces is both time consuming and extremely costly in daily practice.

AutoForm’s software addresses all these issues and allows you to rapidly design die faces starting from only the CAD surface data of the part. As a feasibility engineer, process planner or tool maker, our software enables you to rapidly create alternative die face concepts and to select the best one with regard to feasibility, quality and cost requirements.

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