AutoForm Training Seminars: Certification

The “AutoForm Certification Program” defines an industrial standard for the assessment of the skills and knowledge of professional AutoForm users. Courses offered as part of this program will contain both a theoretical and practical examination to assess the understanding of participants.

The certification identifies the employee as a competent, highly qualified user of the AutoForm software and, thus, improves the employee’s professional career chances. The certification is a valuable support for the employer in hiring decisions and advancing the employee’s professional development.

The “AutoForm Certification Program” provides two certification levels:

AutoForm Certified User

The user has to successfully complete at least four different certified courses to acquire the first certification level. For the successful completion of each certified course, a certificate will be issued valid for three years. If a user holds four valid certificates, he or she becomes an “AutoForm Certified User”.

AutoForm Certified Expert

Maintaining the “AutoForm Certified User” level for three years in a row and holding four valid certificates, the user is promoted to the second certification level in the forth year and becomes an “AutoForm Certified Expert”.

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