AutoForm-FormFit allows you to modify part geometries to achieve dimensional fit in car body assemblies. By using AutoForm-FormFit in an early engineering phase, you can make design changes to one or multiple parts of an assembly and analyze the impact on the assembly’s dimensional accuracy. In this way, you can identify the cause of dimensional deviations of an assembly and then take measures to optimize the part’s design.

By using AutoForm-FormFit later on in process engineering, you can compensate springback effects caused by the assembly process and adjust the forming process of the relevant stamped parts. The software allows you to automatically generate new target geometries which deviate from the nominal part designs (CAD-0) for selected single or multiple parts in your assembly process. With these new geometries, you can evaluate part and process design alternatives and define an effective compensation strategy in order to achieve dimensional fit in the assembly. During the ramp-up phase and production, AutoForm-FormFit enables you to evaluate alternative assembly process layouts and find effective countermeasures for assembly issues based on measured scanned data.


  • Quick evaluation of alternative part and assembly process designs
  • Identification of dimensional deviations causes and effective countermeasures
  • Effective compensation strategy
  • Dimensional fit of the final product

Key Features

  • Fast geometry modifications on one or multiple parts
  • Automatic generation of new target geometries
  • Compensation of springback effects caused by assembly process
  • Automatic transformation of scanned data used for simulation


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