In practice, assembly equipment is continually adjusted in order to resolve dimensional deviations and their effects on production. With AutoForm-BuildOptimizer, you can easily determine appropriate equipment parameters for an efficient assembly production. The software allows you to define which clamps and joins should be considered for shimming and teaching. Selected clamp positions can be moved within the defined range, and nearby joins can be taught as needed based on sheet movement.

By running multiple simulations, AutoForm-BuildOptimizer enables you to determine the optimal parameters that can be applied to resolve accuracy issues in the assembly. The software allows you to eliminate physical trial-and-error loops, accelerate ramp-up to production and ensure a robust production.


  • Consideration of actual single part geometry through simulated or scanned data
  • Determination of optimal equipment parameters for assembly production accuracy
  • Elimination of physical trial-and-error loops in manufacturing
  • Acceleration of ramp-up to production

Key Features

  • Quick definition of clamps to be shimmed and range of their movement
  • Allowance of teaching for affected joins based on sheet movement
  • Calculation of a full range of process parameters for optimization
  • Identification of process windows to understand process robustness


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