Aluminum and Steel Production

By implementing AutoForm software, your company can increase material utilization and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. A 1% increase in material utilization leads to a 20.5 kg reduction in CO2 emissions for each vehicle produced.

Material production generates CO2 emissions of an average 1.65 kg CO2/kg for steel and 16.1 kg CO2/kg for aluminum production. The use of engineering software in sheet metal forming has contributed to increased material utilization. In terms of CO2 emissions, 38 million tons of CO2 emissions savings were achieved between 2010 and 2020. These savings are expected to grow to 102 million tons by 2025.

In order to reduce CO2 emissions during material production, car makers aim to increase material utilization by using optimized blanks, material consumption optimized tools and processes. AutoForm’s specially developed software enables the easy prediction of potential blank shape and nesting. With our software, your engineers can efficiently calculate the optimal blank layout taking into consideration minimal material consumption. Using it systematically and comprehensively leads to increased material utilization, which consequently results in lower raw material demand and reduced CO2 emisions.

By entering just a few input parameters, our CO2 calculator enables you to calculate how much CO2 savings can be achieved by increasing your material utilization. Calculate your CO2 savings in material production.