Car Usage

AutoForm’s software enables your company to achieve outstanding results in lightweighting. A weight reduction of 1 kg in BiW resulting from lightweight design leads to a reduction of:

  • 9.1 kg in CO2 emissions produced during the life cycle of an ICE driven vehicle.
  • 2.8 kg in CO2 emission produced during the life cycle of a plug-in-hybrid driven vehicle.

AutoForm software allows car manufacturers to design lighter cars that fulfill increasingly stringent requirements regarding lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The key to successful lightweighting is using the right material mix for the right part in the right place in a car. By using our software, your company can achieve outstanding results in lightweighting. With its integrated material database that covers all relevant aluminum alloys and a wide variety of steels, you can design, engineer and produce lighter parts of the highest quality. In addition, the software enables you to simulate hot forming as well as tailored tempering processes in order to engineer stamped parts with targeted local strength properties and significant weight reduction. Lower weight per vehicle means lower CO2 emissions which is the ultimate goal of car manufacturers in order to remain competitive today and in the future.