Compensation for Process Design

During the design and development of stamping processes, managing and compensating for springback is a major task. A constant balance between surface quality and desired sheet accuracy must be evaluated. Simply applying a vector field to a set of surfaces rarely achieves both requirements. In practice, this drives considerable manual re-work of surfaces leading to extended development effort. In addition, multiple loops are required to validate each adjustment, requiring export and import at each loop. With the combination of AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus and AutoForm-Compensator, the process is integrated within the AutoForm interface, saving valuable time and tedious effort to manage the tool data at every loop.

In this training, participants will gain an understanding of the process to create quality compensation and generate high quality machinable surfaces. The following topics will be covered in detail:

  • Preparation and creation of a compensation design file
  • Creation of drawshell compensation
  • Creation of springback compensation
  • From strategy to quality – Key steps to implementation
  • Compensation utilizing a vector field
  • Compensation utilizing Reference to Target

This training focuses on how to implement a compensation strategy for the provided process and provided die face surfaces. This training does not cover how to properly develop the compensation strategy. To gain a full understanding of the overall compensation process, please attend the class titled Springback I & II, which covers the full methodology and how to define and confirm a compensation strategy. Springback I & II are not prerequisites to attending this course, however it would be beneficial to be familiar with the AutoForm-Compensator interface in AutoForm.


This one-day course provides an understanding of the available features needed for creating high quality compensated tool surfaces. It is intended for die designers, tooling engineers, process designers, and CNC team members responsible for the delivery of surfaces for the purpose of manufacturing the tools.

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