High-Strength Steel Stamping

High-strength steel has been the most commonly used material for stamped parts over the last several decades. The stamped parts produced from this material are characterized by high strength. Today, automotive manufacturers and suppliers face tough requirements regarding vehicle weight reduction and its impact on fuel consumption, carbon dioxide (CO2) emission limits and manufacturing costs. They need to find ways to reduce the weight of stamped parts without compromising on strength. One strategy to reach this goal is to apply high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels in the traditional cold forming stamping process. These materials are characterized on the one hand by their high strength, but on the other hand, by their reduced formability and increased springback effects.

AutoForm software enables you to realistically simulate the forming processes of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels. You can verify feasibility issues, accurately validate springback behavior and compensate the stamping tools. Our software allows you to design, engineer and produce high-strength and ultra-high-strength parts that meet the most stringent requirements.

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