With AutoForm-Explorer, you can set up simulations and evaluate all of the important results related to your stamping and BiW assembly processes. The software can be efficiently used in both AutoForm Forming as well as AutoForm Assembly software solutions.

AutoForm-Explorer enables you to set up alternative process designs and define tool geometries for forming, hemming and other joining operations. There are two options for the definition of tool geometries. You can use either imported entities (generated with CAD applications) or geometries created with dedicated AutoForm products. By using synchronized multi-design views, you can track the progression of identified issues and compare them quickly. This not only facilitates the detection of forming and joining issues but also accelerates the process of finding an optimal solution.


  • Efficient simulation setup
  • Issue identification and interpretation
  • Assessment of process feasibility
  • Quick evaluation of results
  • Deep insight into impact of single parts on BiW assembly process
  • Adjustments for single part production based on assembly results

Key Features

  • Easy workflow-based navigation concept
  • Usage and management of company standards
  • Visualization of surface defects
  • Access to extensive material databases
  • Unique process and product visualization capabilities
  • Simulation setup based on CAD, forming simulation or scanned data inputs


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