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AutoForm offers software solutions for sheet metal forming and assembly process. With over 400 employees dedicated to this field, AutoForm is recognized as the leading provider of software for product manufacturability, tool and material cost calculation, die face design and virtual stamping as well as assembly process optimization.

Forming simulation has proven to be of great importance for the aerospace industry. By using the appropriate software, aerospace companies can significantly enhance efficiency, reduce costs, improve design quality, and promote innovation in the manufacturing of complex components using non-standard materials.

AutoForm’s software covers various forming technologies used in the aerospace industry, such as sheet metal stamping, sheet and tube hydroforming, tube bending and hot forming. Our state-of-the-art products that correspond to these technologies enable you to resolve formability issues in a timely manner, virtually.

You can get direct access to AutoForm software as part of the GSA Schedule through Winvale.

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