AutoForm-Explorer makes it very easy for you to quickly set up simulations and evaluate the most important result variables. If you are a process planner or process engineer, AutoForm-Explorer enables you to easily define and evaluate in detail a manufacturing process intended for sheet metal part production.

With AutoForm-Explorer, you can interpret results quickly and easily. Thanks to the semi-automatic issue identification feature, you can speed up the identification of stamping issues as well as the types of issues and their locations. By using synchronized multi-design views, you can track the progression of identified issues and quickly compare them. In addition, this software enables you to easily visualize surface imperfections through the digital stoning method.


  • Efficient simulation setup
  • Issue identification and interpretation
  • Assessment of process feasibility
  • Quick evaluation of results
  • Improved forming behavior of a stamped part

Key Features

  • Easy workflow-based navigation concept
  • Semi-automatic results evaluation
  • Usage and management of company standards
  • Visualization of surface imperfections – digital stoning


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