Tube Hydroforming

Tubular parts with complex shapes and contours, high resistance, low weight and high-quality surfaces pose challenges in the automotive industry. In comparison to classical stamping technology, tube hydroforming allows you greater freedom in designing such parts and ensure for cost savings in terms of tooling, set-up time and material.

AutoForm offers an easy-to-use and highly intuitive software solution for rapid tool design and simulation of bending, forming and hydroforming processes. This software solution enables you to carry out a complete virtual tryout of the hydroforming process involving all process steps, such as bending, preforming, hydroforming, annealing, calibration, cutting, springback, systematic process improvement and process robustness as well as springback compensation. In addition, you can quickly generate and evaluate alternative tool designs and process layouts. This software provides you with a comprehensive in-depth understanding of hydroforming processes and allows for the rapid identification of tool design and process improvement potentials.

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