AutoForm’s Contribution to Your Sustainability Goals

At AutoForm, we are committed to providing our customers with software solutions that help them to meet their major engineering challenges in sheet metal forming and BiW assembly. By using AutoForm software you are actively contributing to sustainable production and a more ecological environment. AutoForm software can help your company to achieve CO2 reduction goals.

The Automotive Industry’s Challenges to Reaching the Target of Zero Emissions by 2050

The amount of CO2 emissions produced by passenger vehicles has been rising steadily over the past two decades, reaching approximately three billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide in 2020. To achieve net zero carbon emissions and help limit global warming to 1.5 °C in line with the Paris Agreement, automakers have set themselves ambitious sustainability targets. With the primary goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, remaining competitive has never been more critical for automakers.

Across the globe, governments are driving the shift away from conventional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEs) to electric vehicles (EVs) in order to achieve net zero carbon emissions. These vehicles will play a central role in the automotive industry’s ambitious objective of net zero emissions by 2050. For automakers, staying competitive has never been more critical. AutoForm’s product portfolio supports you in embracing the net zero challenge for a more sustainable future.

AutoForm Supports the Automotive Industry in Three Areas to Achieve Net Zero Emissions

By entering just a few input parameters, our CO2 calculator enables you to calculate how much CO2 savings can be achieved for the vehicles you produce. Calculate your CO2 savings.