Three Digitalization Pillars

Successful digitalization requires the appropriate selection of software, model and process. These are considered the three digitalization pillars:

  • Software
    The selected software should offer the functionality, process coverage, interoperability, compatibility and consistency required for a stable production process. With this software, users must be able to carry out the full digitalization of the entire product development and process chain.
  • Model
    Digital models, or digital twins, are based on a consistent and standardized engineering methodology which takes into account all the important aspects of the production process. This methodology also includes the evolution and maturation of the production process during all of the engineering phases. The main goal is to consistently build reliable digital process twins and achieve high accuracy of the production processes.
  • Process
    The development, engineering and production processes must be designed to create omnidirectional transparency of all data generated and to make optimal use of the data to streamline and accelerate decision making processes. This ensures comprehensive, valuable support to downstream departments and the full acceptance of the digital model as the master blue-print for implementation in the physical world.

These three pillars represent the verification, validation and implementation of the digitalization process. While the software requires continual verification carried out by software developers during development, the model building process and the resulting models must be validated by users hand-in-hand with software vendors. The resulting process changes which reflect the new digitalized process can then be implemented by OEMs and suppliers with the assistance of software vendors.

AutoForm actively participates in the fields of software, model and process and empowers its customers to build a seamless digital process chain. These efforts cover many different aspects in software development and testing procedures as well as product portfolio strategy. AutoForm is focused on the creation of best-practice procedures and methodologies as well as constructive and efficient collaboration with customers and partners on these issues.