Planning & Bidding

This training is intended for planners and cost estimators, to make better and faster estimates of tooling and piece costs using CAD part data. Such cost estimates are typically used for planning budgets, planning resources, generating quotes and evaluating quotes.

The Planning & Bidding Solution is highly automated and easy to use, providing tooling and piece cost estimates in just minutes. The training starts with import of the CAD part data and automatic generation of a process plan, and the immediate generation of initial, estimated tooling costs. Adjustment of the process plan to reflect the customer’s stamping process along with process-specific material requirements is covered next. Then, the training shows how to obtain tooling and piece costs with detailed cost breakdowns by stamping operation (draw, trim, form, etc.) and cost category (engineering, die build, materials, tryout, etc.).

Evaluation of the effects of engineering revisions and part changes on tooling and piece costs is covered, as well as how to make more consistent and reliable cost estimations. The training concludes with use of the Planning & Bidding Solution for supplier comparisons, including establishing reasonable cost targets for tooling and stampings, evaluating quotations, and evaluating external versus internal sourcing alternatives.


This two-day training course is designed for planners and cost estimators who are responsible for making budgets and resource plans, and for generating or evaluating quotations for tooling and stamped parts. Product engineers and engineering managers wishing to estimate potential production costs for their products also benefit. No prior AutoForm training or experience is required.

USA: Training Courses

Trainings to be scheduled upon request. Please send us your filled in request for quotation and we will contact you.


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Worldwide: Training Courses

Training courses are held at AutoForm’s offices in the USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Korea as well as in other countries. Please contact your local AutoForm office for further information. Upon request, courses can also be held at customer sites.