Hemming Optimization

The accuracy of the hemming operation is very important since it affects the surface appearance and surface quality of the assembly. Material deformations, which occur during the hemming process, can lead to dimensional deviations and other typical hemming defects, including splits and wrinkles in the flange, material overlaps in the corner areas and material roll-in.

AutoForm software, with its special features developed for the hemming process, offers you immediate benefits, such as an efficient design of hemming processes to meet quality and cost requirements, effective implementation for early feasibility and final validation studies as well as rapid identification of typical hemming defects. The software allows you to efficiently design table and roll hemming processes and offers two different use cases. The first case, hemming process feasibility, is applied in the early stages of product design and production planning, by using the nominal CAD data when the die layout of the drawing and forming operations is still not available. The second case, hemming process validation, is applied in process engineering, when the simulated results of the forming operations are available – taking their effects into account leads to highly accurate results.

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