Enhanced Line Bead Model in AutoFormplus R7

Drawbeads are used to control material flow during the drawing operation in order to achieve the optimal forming process of a part without cracks and wrinkles. The position, length and strength of drawbeads are modified during the process design resulting in the production of an optimal stamped part with a minimum use of material. The intensive usage of drawbeads and various modifications make it necessary for engineers to develop an efficient drawbead model suitable for use in stamping simulations.

The enhanced line bead model specially developed in AutoFormplus R7 offers important improvements in comparison with the adaptive line bead model developed in AutoFormplus R6. This newly developed model provides an enhanced approach to estimating the drawbead uplifting force – it takes into account higher uplifting forces and more realistically represents drawbead effects. In addition, this model continuously updates the real sheet bending shape during the simulation based on the current process conditions. These important improvements increase the accuracy of the simulation with respect to drawbead effects. The enhanced line bead model allows for a simulation which is closer to reality. Binder uplift forces which are predicted using AutoFormplus R7 are more comparable to what is seen in practice and to the results calculated with geometric beads.