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AutoFormplus R5 – A Wide Range of New Features for Digital Planning and Validation of Sheet Metal Processes and Parts

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has introduced the latest software version AutoFormplus R5. This latest release streamlines sheet metal forming, providing a wide range of new powerful features and improvements for digital planning and validation of sheet metal processes and parts.

AutoFormplus R5 further streamlines sheet metal forming by advancing AutoForm’s complete software suite. Besides new planning options and tooling features, this release offers several new possibilities to improve the efficiency and reliability of result evaluation. For example, new section plots allow for results to be charted along selected geometry sections and a newly developed issue type for semi-automatic result evaluation allows the user to track the draw-in location and its progression. What is more, the digital stoning analysis has been enhanced to make evaluation and visualization of surface imperfections easier and more accurate.

This software also extends systematic process improvement. With AutoFormplus R5, users can easily evaluate which design parameters influence the part quality and to what extent, in both conventional and hot forming processes. Design parameters which have the most influence on the stamped part can be identified already during the process and part design stages. Users are thereby able to make the necessary adjustments and systematically improve the forming process by specifying sophisticated quality criteria such as surface defects and draw-in issues.

In addition, AutoFormplus R5 contains solver improvements which are of significant benefit in terms of increased result accuracy and shorter computation time. An improved contact algorithm leads to even more realistic bending behavior in wall and flanging areas. It also results in a more precise calculation of tool forces and a very realistic representation of wrinkles in the binder area. The new adaptive line bead model takes the current in-die conditions into account. It combines the accuracy of 3D geometric beads with the computing speed of 2D line beads.

Dr. Markus Thomma, Corporate Marketing Director of AutoForm Engineering, stated: “AutoFormplus R5 enhances all of the important aspects of comprehensive digital process planning, giving users the support they need to make the right decisions along the sheet metal forming process chain.”


Corporate Marketing Officer

AutoForm Engineering GmbH

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland