Feasibility Analysis

A feasibility analysis enables the quick and easy evaluation of part and process feasibility. Even with the first design of a part geometry, fundamental process capability should be checked for future series production, regardless of whether the CAD model has already been rounded.

At this point in time, there are often preliminary questions regarding whether the part can be manufactured as a single or double part, where exactly the part separation is planned, and whether the required material strength is achievable. Another issue which must be addressed at this stage is the later behavior of the part in terms of crash, strength, stiffness or durability.

The feasibility analysis is carried out at a point in time when only the part geometry is available but no information regarding the tool or the process is known. Based on the part geometry, an attempt is made to represent how the forming process will take place later on in the series production. The feasibility analysis enables the quick identification of problem areas such as, for example, splits, improper thinning and possible wrinkles in the part and provides the best possible alternative solutions to correct the problems.

Feedback on feasibility which is delivered in an early, timely, reliable and comprehensible manner is crucial for balanced part design. The ever increasing demands on costs, quality and time must be taken into account. Problems which arise during the manufacturing of parts which have already been released for production are very expensive to correct – in terms of both time and costs. In addition, when later ad hoc measures are taken on parts, there is a risk of lower part efficiency and the inconsistency in quality of the finished part.

By means of feasibility analyses, product developers and engineers as well as process planners and die-face engineers obtain better part design, increased initial quality as well as reliable long-term behavior. The feasibility analysis makes it possible to not only reduce development and manufacturing costs, but also to shorten the time to market.

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