Software for Simulation of Stamping Processes

AutoForm-Solver enables rapid and accurate simulation of the entire stamping process including drawing and secondary operations as well as springback. The simulation of stamping processes by AutoForm-Solver combined with the results evaluation by AutoForm-Explorer provide the user with all the necessary information to design the process. AutoForm-Solver simulates line and progressive die stamping as well as hemming processes.

AutoForm-Solver brings innovative features and benefits:

  • Simulation of line and progressive die stamping as well as hemming processes
  • Rapid and accurate simulation of deep drawing, restriking, trimming and flanging operations
  • Accurate springback simulation
  • Deep insight into all operations of the stamping process
  • Rapid verification of multiple new concepts for quality and cost improvements
  • Reduced computing time by taking advantage of SMP or MPP

Fields of Applications:



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