Software Including Standard Methodology for Process Design Directly in the CATIA V5/V6 Environment

AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA combines AutoForm’s expertise in sheet metal forming processes with powerful surfacing tools designed according to process designer requirements. Through dedicated surfacing commands, AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA enables the user to quickly create a die face layout, including deep drawing and all secondary operations, directly in the CATIA V5/V6 environment.

Once the part geometry is available in CATIA, the predefined standardized process guides the user from part preparation to die face generation. User-friendly prompt windows assist the designer when entering the data and with the real-time analysis feature, values can be immediately checked for consistency and feasibility.

Predefined dependencies between tasks and operations allow for the automatic update of the entire process and prevent errors. Corresponding settings and features are available to compensate tools in any operation. Compensation can be carried out manually or with AutoForm-Compensator. All generated surfaces fulfill class A surface requirements and can immediately be used for CNC machining.

AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA is the result of an innovative, unique and quality-oriented approach in process design which improves and facilitates daily work in tool design departments.

The main benefits of AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA are:

  • Easy and rapid creation of high quality CAD surfaces
  • Customizable standard approach to process design including all operation types
  • Consistent methodology for CAD quality die face design
  • Significantly enhanced productivity
  • Full integration in the CATIA V5/V6 environment

The main features of AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA are:

  • Specially designed CATIA features for process designers such as trim line, drawbeads and compensation
  • Easy-to-use dedicated surfacing tools with built-in analysis features
  • Automatic update functions
  • Support of company-wide workflow standardization and data consistency
  • Complete and reliable data transfer to and from AutoForm



Customer Use Case:

Die Design in CATIA

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