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TriboForm R3.1 – A New Dimension in Sheet Metal Forming Simulation

TriboForm Engineering has unveiled its latest software version TriboForm 3.1. This new software version offers important new enhancements and allows for even more realistic consideration of tribological effects. TriboForm’s expertise in the field of tribology provides a new dimension in sheet metal forming simulation.

Expertise in tribology has shown that accuracy in sheet metal forming simulation is increased when the constant coefficient of friction, which is commonly used in this type of simulation, is replaced with realistic and highly accurate friction and lubrication data. The latest industrial trends and needs have clearly indicated that the integration of the friction and lubrication data into the sheet metal forming simulation significantly contributes to the higher simulation accuracy. In continuous efforts to advance its software products, TriboForm Engineering now offers an important functionality. With TriboForm R3.1, users are able to import and use their own experimental friction data as well as sheet surface and tool surface measurement data. In addition, the direction dependent friction can now be taken into account. This is important since the selected sliding direction over the sheet surface has direct influence on frictional behavior. With TriboForm 3.1, users can efficiently and accurately carry out the simulation, visualization and evaluation of friction and lubrication conditions.

Dr. Jan Harmen Wiebenga, General Manager at TriboForm Engineering, stated: “The main challenge in developing software solutions in this field has been how to appropriately represent complex tribological phenomena through easy-to-use software. With the latest enhancements, TriboForm R3.1 is ultimately the most innovative software to deal with this issue. A more realistic consideration of tribological effects within TriboForm R3.1, in particular customized friction models and direction dependency, provides a new dimension in sheet metal forming simulation.”

“We are pleased to be able to offer this new TriboForm R3.1 software version, which can be easily integrated in our latest AutoForm R8 software version. The synergy of AutoForm’s product portfolio with TriboForm’s products brings tangible benefits to our customers,” added Dr. Markus Thomma, Corporate Marketing Director at AutoForm Engineering.


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