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AutoForm-TryoutAssistant – Mobile Digital Tryout

AutoForm Engineering GmbH presents its newly developed software AutoForm-TryoutAssistant. Designed around tryout specialists’ requirements, this new software can be used next to the tryout press, making mobile digital tryout possible for the first time. With AutoForm-TryoutAssistant, AutoForm integrates Industry 4.0 practice into the daily work process at tool shops.

Tryout is the process during which a set of metal forming tools is tested and prepared for production. The forming tools undergo extensive fine-tuning during tryout, which is a costly and time consuming task within the complex tool making process. As modifications are inevitable, every correction loop that can be avoided offers an immediate advantage in terms of time and cost savings.

AutoForm, an innovation and technology leader in this field, has developed and marketed the brand-new solution AutoForm-TryoutAssistant, a software specifically designed around the requirements and needs of the tryout specialist. It is a state-of-the-art client-server application which provides a user-friendly interface on laptops and tablets in order to facilitate its use next to the tryout press. The tryout workflow and usability implemented in the software were developed in consultation and cooperation with industrial partners and tryout experts. Similarly, all computational functions were specifically developed for AutoForm-TryoutAssistant with a focus on the tryout workflow and its requirements.

AutoForm-TryoutAssistant enables the user to link product and process development to the tryout reality on the shop floor. It establishes a consistent bi-directional information flow between corporate functions, such as Engineering and Tryout. The software allows direct feedback from tryout operations, enabling continuous improvement of the full process and a more effective collaboration among departments. In addition, AutoForm-TryoutAssistant provides the tryout professional with an invaluable process model based on AutoForm-Sigma technology. Empowered with its own functionalities and algorithms, AutoForm-TryoutAssistant allows the evaluation of various modification scenarios before they are actually applied in practice. Understanding how the different parameters interact and affect the specific defects on the part enables the tryout operators to reduce the number of correction loops, which results in time and cost savings.

Dr. Markus Thomma, Corporate Marketing Director of AutoForm Engineering, stated: “We are glad that our new software has already gained acceptance among tryout specialists. AutoForm-TryoutAssistant is an invaluable communication and data management application, which can be used by tryout professionals on a tablet, next to the tryout press. Through such mobile digital tryout, Industry 4.0 practices are integrated into the daily work process at tool shops.”


Corporate Marketing Officer

AutoForm Engineering GmbH

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland