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AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus – Efficient Creation and Compensation of High-Quality CAD Surfaces for Manufacturing

AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for stamping and BiW assembly processes, presents its newly developed software AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus. With this software, users can create and compensate high-quality CAD surfaces within the AutoForm Forming suite. The integration of AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus within the AutoForm software environment assures data continuity during process design.

The creation and compensation of high-quality CAD surfaces as preparation for manufacturing has typically been carried out using external CAD software. Such software requires the user’s familiarity with its application, tedious multiple importing and exporting of data from and to CAE software as well as the creation and potential integration of additional external documentation.

AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus provides a set of geometry creation features within the well-known and easy to use AutoForm user interface. With this software, users can quickly create a final die face geometry without requiring additional CAD software. This new option is tailored to the need of engineers responsible for final CAD-quality surfaces, eliminates the need to import and export data, resulting in a higher level of efficiency and ensuring data continuity.

AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus is best applied during the process design phase to facilitate the creation of high-quality CAD surfaces. Such surfaces are required for the final validation simulations and compensation of die surfaces, which will be exported afterwards for use in die manufacturing. A new level of efficiency in the process design phase is achieved as a result of the seamless data flow and the use of process plan information already created earlier, in the concept development.

Dr. Markus Thomma, CMO of the AutoForm Group, stated: “We are pleased that we can offer our customers a new software which supports them in the efficient creation and compensation of high-quality CAD surfaces. With AutoForm-DieDesignerPlus, users can create high-quality CAD surfaces for manufacturing within the AutoForm software environment. This software, with its new features and capabilities, ensures the seamless flow of data and thus greatly facilitates daily work in process design departments.”


Head of Corporate PR & Communications

AutoForm Development GmbH

Zurich, Switzerland