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AutoForm Assembly R10 – Evolving BiW Assembly Process Development for Optimal Results

AutoForm Engineering GmbH, the leading supplier of software solutions for stamping and BiW assembly processes, has unveiled its latest software version AutoForm Assembly R10. With its new features and enhancements, the software enables users to evolve their BiW assembly process development and reach optimal results. With AutoForm Assembly R10, users can optimize the assembly process and ensure the desired level of quality very early in the BiW assembly process chain.

AutoForm Assembly R10 allows for the evaluation of the assembly process from early feasibility through to production support, including process engineering and initial tryout support. Users can easily import nominal CAD geometry in a range of formats, assign all single parts a suitable material selected from an extensive material database and define a range of alternative assembly processes by varying critical aspects. They can also simulate a hemming process in order to better understand the issues that may arise as well as the effect these would have on the quality of the BiW assembly.

In practice, assembly equipment is continually adjusted in order to resolve dimensional deviations and their effects on production. With AutoForm Assembly R10, process adjustments can be made virtually, allowing users to define which clamps and joins should be considered for shimming and teaching. By running multiple simulations, the software enables users to determine the optimal parameters that can be applied to resolve accuracy issues in the assembly. When a solution is found, the settings can be easily mirrored in the physical process, eliminating the costly traditional trial-and-error approach.

In addition, the software enables users to easily define and evaluate a range of joining methods, employ plane and fillet line welds and define locations for glue to be added to the process. By modeling these processes more accurately, users gain better insights into the effects of assembling parts together and can make adjustments to process parameters in the virtual world more efficiently.

Dr. Markus Thomma, CMO of the AutoForm Group, stated: “With AutoForm Assembly R10, our users can evolve the BiW assembly development process and obtain optimal results. By implementing this latest release, they can gain deep insights into their BiW assembly process, quickly evaluate alternative part and assembly process designs, identify the causes of dimensional deviations and undertake cost-effective countermeasures. As a result, assembly process issues can be resolved successfully prior to the start of production ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the entire BiW and saving significant amounts of money.”


Head of Corporate PR & Communications

AutoForm Development GmbH

Zurich, Switzerland