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August 30, 2012

AutoForm Screen Saver: Free Download

AutoFormplus R4 is the premium software designed for everyday real life applications and for high engineering throughput. For this special release, we developed a new screen saver which leads you through the sheet metal stamping process chain – whatever we think about at AutoForm, we always think in sheet metal. The screen saver runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. More

August 28, 2012

EBZ Group Strategically Relies on AutoForm Software and Signs a Three-Year Contract

AutoForm Engineering Deutschland GmbH has announced the EBZ Group’s decision to use AutoForm software products along their complete metal forming process chain. This strategic decision is based on the excellent results achieved using AutoForm software products for more than a decade. More

July 19, 2012

Successful Worldwide Introduction of AutoFormplus R4

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has successfully introduced the AutoFormplus R4 version to its customers worldwide. The excellent response received from users and management is confirmation that AutoForm software is not only the recognized industry standard, but also that its implementation leads to significant productivity gains in the sheet metal forming industry. More

June 14, 2012

AutoFormplus R4 – A Breakthrough for the Sheet Metal Forming Industry

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has unveiled its latest software version AutoFormplus R4. This release is the result of AutoForm’s largest software development endeavor ever. AutoFormplus R4 development was driven by the vision of a Comprehensive Digital Process Planning system. More

March 20, 2012

AutoForm Hydroforming – A New Level of Accuracy and Speed of Tube Hydroforming

AutoForm Engineering GmbH has enhanced its hydroforming products. AutoForm Hydroforming contains innovative functionalities for the rapid analysis and simulation of the entire hydroforming process. The software excels at a new level of accuracy and speed. More

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